La Bodega is pleased to present an exhibition by Yasmeen Abdallah. Internment of These Shells Inhabited contemplates the remnants that once served as coverings and adornments for the protective bodily shells that house our souls. These artifacts are reconstituted from fragments of ephemeral moments of time and space that allude to aesthetics, practicality, and personality. Compositions are born anew from the tatters and objects left behind, embracing the complexities and resilience of those to whom they belonged. Storms weathered, and experiences and obstacles faced serve as imprints and inspirations, each thread with a story to tell. Colorful fabrics juxtaposed against gnarly sutures, stitches, and Frankenstein-like scars demonstrate the vibrancy of life that encompasses a multifacetedness of joy, sorrow, and tenacity. While a quiet violence endemic of trauma, loss, and survival is woven throughout, residual humor honed from such experiences as a means of survival, autonomy and perseverance is present. Through this series of assemblage work, exploration of materiality and thoughtful signifiers call into contemplation emotional, psychological, and physical existences experienced. These relics are symptomatic of the human footprint; from birth, to death, to the hereafter, they rise and fall, and speak on both collective and individual levels. The morphology is as much about the past as the present, the ever-evolving life-cycle of our species, and the possessions we leave behind; our timestamps of class, culture, commodity, and place. Unified into new forms, the tactility of these anthropomorphic works honor people who created and existed inside these garments, these fibers now interwoven to create tapestries of the human experience in abstract form, intricately composed and inspired by these shells we inhabit.