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La Bodega Gallery is pleased to present “Rendering Likeness,Volume 2” a contemporary portraiture exhibition.

Contemporary portraiture takes many forms and encompasses countless mediums and techniques that explore a myriad of subject matter. The artists in this show have many different approaches to portraiture, showcasing a diverse range of mediums, techniques, subject matter and concepts.

This exhibition is one of two exhibitions, this year we are collaborating with a second gallery space "Established Gallery" in Brooklyn who will be holding their opening the night after this on June 1st.

Participating Artists

Alexis Duque, Allie Wilkinson, Alison Underwood, Andriy Duyko, Audrey Anastasi, Baezy, Bob Hagan, Brittany Hayden, Chelsea Nader, Chris Moore, Cindy Zaglin, Daniel Genova, David Lentzner, Edward Stonehill, Elstabo, Emily Leatherman, Gursla, Greg Griffith, Jeremy Cash, Jerry Atkins, Joanne agabs, Judith Hugentobler, Kristine Keller, Linda Berkowitz, Lou Mazzella, Maritza Ranero, Mary Tooley Parker, Meer Musa, Patrice Robinson, Paulina Kim Joo, Rebecca Scheckman, Robin Roi, Sharela Bonfield, Stephanie Kosinski, Susan Greenstein and Yael Dresdner