May 5th - June 3rd

Opening Reception May 5th, 5-9pm


La Bodega is celebrating its one year anniversary!!!! One year ago Miguel Ayuso officially opened the doors with a mission to build bridges (not walls!) and bring people, art and ideas together to our Brooklyn community and beyond. What an amazing year it has been!

For this occasion Miguel has decided to curate a color filled exhibition called “PURO COLOR!” which promotes the talents of artists of color who offer their unique perspectives through the use of colorful pigments.

Participating artists:

Adrian Rivera, Angela Miskis, Aparna Sarkar, Audrey Rodriguez, Ayumi Tamaki, Bryant Eugene Vazquez, Capucine Bourcart, Claudia Santiso, dan keith williams, Deepti Sunder, Edward J. Stonehill, Francis Simeni, Gabriel Mills, Glorimar Garcia, Grazia Inserillo, Heather Snell, Johnny Camacho, Leila Cure, Lionel Carre, Max Sarmiento, Melissa Diaz, Miguel Ayuso, Miguel Reyes, MiYoung Sohn, Nandini Srinivasan, Rene Galvan, Ruth Rodriguez, Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo, Saya Benham, Sean Qualls, Shushanik Karapetyan, Soumiya Lakshmi Krishnaswamy, Vessna Scheff, Yang Chen and Yifan Renxu