The Woven Tale Press covers La Bodega and Peter Mallo’s amazing show FOUND IN TRANSLATION. Read HERE

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UNTITLED covers the Glenn Goldberg show “The Word is Not the Thing”

"Untitled" (the HOTTEST art video magazine in all the world) captures incredible artist Glenn Goldberg showcasing work he made in conjunction with La Bodega Art Space and Gallery.The Word Is Not the Thing (A Shop at La Bodega) comprises a series of multiple objects and prints by artist Glenn Goldberg, many made in conjunction with La Bodega Gallery and Art Space in their community studio. Rather than mount a traditional exhibition, the energy and nature of La Bodega encouraged Goldberg to transform the gallery into a shop with works born out of collaboration. Many of the printed works were made with La Bodega’s owner, Miguel Ayuso and some of the multiple cast objects were conceived with La Bodega’s gallery director, Johnny Thornton. Goldberg saw this as an opportunity to use his partnership with La Bodega to echo its mission of community action. Goldberg’s characteristic use of iconography, textiles, and devotional objects are present in these works. Special thanks to "Untitled", Michael Kosciesza (of "Shred America" fame) and Elizabeth Tolson (all around badass, artist and videographer)