May 4th 2019 – May 26th 2019
Opening Reception: May 4th 6-9 PM
Closing Reception: May 25th 6- 8PM


La Bodega Gallery is proud to present LATINX a social practice, group exhibition curated by Cristina Ferrigno. LATINX poses the question of how individuals experience their identity, and showcases work by 9 artists who access their Latinidad in atypical ways, initiating a dialogue within our community. An opening reception for the exhibition will be held on Saturday May 4th at La Bodega Gallery (695 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11215) from 6pm to 9pm. Our closing reception with performances will be held May 25th from 6-9pm.

We tend to put ourselves in boxes with neat labels, but how can we define Latinx? Is it by the Spanish language or is it by a geographic region of birth? Does it have to do with a family’s customs or the culture in which one is raised? What does gender-neutral language mean? In posing these questions to members of the community and by subverting stereotypes, we can dismantle the problematic concept of what makes someone a "real Latino." LATINX deconstructs identity and explores different facets and experiences, highlighting the voices of Women, Queer and POC Latinx artists.

Customs and culture vary from country to country and our immigrant narratives are not the same. There is a beauty and complexity in our stories of migration. By investigating commonalities and overlapping experiences, we can see the nuance and beauty within our diaspora. This is what Latinx means to us, what does it mean to yo

ARTISTS: Liene Bosquê, Sharon Lee De La Cruz, Francisco Donoso, Justin Favela, Jasmine Chavez Helm, Estelle Maisonett, Maria Liebana, Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez and Janice Quiles-Reyes

Cristina Ferrigno is a combined media and social practice artist and curator. Her work deals with personal and philosophical questions of identity and the themes of community, cultural “in between–ness” and loss. She is a Colombian adoptee, who was raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn and currently lives and works in Queens. Cristina graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore with a BFA in 2009.