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Guilty Pleasures a Solo Exhibition by Sarah Allen Eagen


La Bodega Gallery is pleased to present Guilty Pleasures, an exhibition by Sarah Allen Eagen that explores the sensual, vulnerable and alienating aspects of self-representation in contemporary society. Guilty Pleasures features never-before-exhibited photographs on silk that expose the unspoken, personal moments that are mediated by digital skins and explores tenderness as it is interpreted by technology. An opening reception for the artist will be held on Friday July 20 at La Bodega Gallery (695 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11215) from 7pm to 10pm.

Technology has long played a third party to close interpersonal relationships. It is almost impossible to discuss intimacy without also referencing the role digital devices play in orchestrating it. Guilty Pleasures explores how the power of desire for connection can be found in a simple touch or the fragile unity of a fleeting moment. This exhibition features 10 new photographs on silk. The delicate silk photographs gently sway in the wind as viewers pass by, while the intimate collage portraits invite the viewer to look closer. Centered on the human figure, these artworks portray the unspoken, intimate moments that are mediated by technology. This installation examines the tension between an individual’s private identity and public person and reflects on how self-portraiture and self-representation is often mediated by digital skins.

The artist’s immersive installation invites the audience to confront notions of narcissism, affection, isolation and instant gratification. The installation creates a dreamlike and uncanny environment that is inspired by the digital realm in refraction to the physical. By entering this exhibition space, the viewer is trespassing on the artist’s intimate moments and generating their own shattered images and perceptions in response.